Bomanite Sandscape® Texture Leads Trio Of Decorative Concrete Creating Harmonious Hardscape

A multi-purpose decorative concrete plaza using Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems with Bomanite Sandscape Refined Antico at CrossCity Church, formerly known as Northside Church, in Fresno, CA.

The CrossCity Christian Church campus, which also houses Northside Church Christian School and a handcrafted coffee shop called The Frappe House, created a dynamic and inviting new multi-purpose plaza by transforming an expanse of lawn using Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems; Bomanite Sandscape® Texture and Bomanite Sandscape Refined Antico. The decorative concrete flows into The Frappe … Read more

Sandscape Texture® Ambiance is Featured at Garmin Expansion Pedestrian Plaza

The use of Bomanite Sandscape Texture® allows this project in Olathe, KS to exude elegance and beauty and is an award-winning project by a member of our Bomanite Licensee family, Musselman & Hall Contractors (M&H). Working closely with local architecture firm Gould Evans during the design development phase, M&H assisted with the project specifications and samples.  … Read more

Broadcast Aggregate Brings Color to Honda Dealership Entry Way

Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate Decorative Concrete Topping makes this Texas Honda Dealership Entrance stunning.

The Bomanite Broadcast Aggregate Toppings System is suitable for high traffic interior or exterior applications and ideal for walkways, commercial applications, industrial facilities, swimming pool decks and garage floors. Its excellent abrasion, impact, and wear resistance properties are perfect for car dealerships. First Texas Honda, the largest Honda dealership in the world at over 140,000 … Read more

Make a Splash

Little girl making a big splash on the splash garden at the Tandy Family YMCA, in Tuls, OK, and the decorative concrete built with Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems using Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Sandscape Texture.

The Thornton YMCA in Tulsa, OK, successfully renovated an aging and underutilized facility by using the “right material”, the “right builder”, and a new name.  They chose Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems with Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Sandscape Texture and used Bomanite of Tulsa as their Bomanite Licensed Contractor.  The new name is The Tandy Family … Read more